WorldVentures Relaunches As DreamTrips International

Verona International Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Texas entered an order confirming its purchase of the exclusive rights to sell DreamTrips® around the world. As a result of the purchase, Verona’s wholly-owned subsidiary, DreamTrips, LLC d/b/a DreamTrips International (“DreamTrips International”), will be the exclusive worldwide provider of DreamTrips® going forward.

As part of the purchase, DreamTrips International has agreed to repay up to $22,250,000 of past due commissions owed to WorldVentures’ sales representatives.


DreamTrips International will begin making these payments in January 2022, pursuant to guidelines approved by the bankruptcy court order. DreamTrips International will also honor up to $7,000,000 in virtual currency for sales representatives and members.  

DreamTrips International is also pleased to announce the addition of Mark Smith and Tammy Smith to its management team. Mark joins DreamTrips International as the Chief Executive Officer of the network-marketing division of its operations and Tammy serves as Chief Field Officer.

Mark and Tammy are seasoned in network-marketing, and industry veterans who have built global teams numbering in the millions and have generated nearly $3 billion in global sales. They are also experts at creating the tools and training materials needed to help sales representatives grow their businesses internationally.

“We are so excited to join DreamTrips International, and we will work tirelessly to create rewarding business opportunities for our sales representatives and unforgettable memories for our travelers,”

said Mark Smith.

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About DreamTrips International, formerly WorldVentures Holdings, LLC.

DreamTrips, LLC d/b/a DreamTrips International is a privately held company based in Plano, Texas. DreamTrips International is the #1 direct seller of global travel and lifestyle club memberships. More than 1.3 million travelers have experienced the one-of-a-kind, specially curated experiences known as DreamTrips.

About Verona International Holdings, Inc.

Verona International Holdings, Inc. is an investment group with experience in the sponsorship and reorganization space. The team at Verona International Holdings, Inc. has a history within the global club travel membership business.


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