Top Leader Renee Jeffus Joins DreamTrips International

The freedom and yearning to be a present “mama,” but also financially solid and independent anchored Renee Jeffus to the direct selling industry.

Personal development and community building aspects, as well as her former success as a professional model, drew her in as a cosmetics consultant 15 years ago when she was a single mom. Eventually, she built a 26,000-member team at a CBD/health and wellness startup.

“In my first year I was making multiple six figures, which quickly transformed my life in the most positive and fun way!

What I loved most was that it was not just myself having great success, but rather so many in my organization were also making six figures and very few of them really had much experience or success in the industry prior.

This just proved anyone could come into this industry, plug in, be consistent, be coachable, have a servant heart and create great success over time if they desired,”

Jeffus says.

Beyond the tangibles she acquired from the direct selling industry, this chosen career earned Jeffus the gift to become just who she was meant to be and live her best life for herself and her children. Teaching others how to step into the greatest versions of themselves and align their lives with their deepest desires and dreams is her greatest blessing and DreamTrips International is the ideal vehicle.

After two years of restrictions, shutdowns and the personal tragedy of losing a beloved son, Jeffus says,

“There is nothing like being so intimately touched by the fragile nature of this human life, to really wake one up to wanting to truly live and fulfill one’s greatest destiny and dreams.”

Even though she always loved to explore and has done so extensively, traveling solo intimidated Jeffus until making a career move to DreamTrips International (DTI). Now she is setting off to honor her late son, Bodhi, and introduce the beauty and magic this world offers to her other two children.

Renee Jeffus and kids

“As a DTI member, I know that I can go anywhere my heart desires and have the experience of a lifetime living out my bucket list, while also feeling safe and living like a VIP with everything taken care of for me.”

And the reality is, she’s earning a great living showing others how they too can live out their dreams and claim their freedom.

“People are hungrier than ever to get out and see the world and live their lives. People have also really learned that they can live a laptop lifestyle. Who wants to be stuck in an office anymore?”

Jeffus asks.

DTI’s relaunch of a proven brand and product with 17 years of the best connections, providers, hosts, resorts and hotels, excursions, plus more than a million happy DreamTrippers makes Jeffus confident she can help create a new reality for millions more around the world.

Direct sellers in other companies strive for years to earn incentive trips, but at DTI new business partners can buy a Plus Package and book their first Discover Trip right away.

“The Discover DreamTrips system is absolutely brilliant and by far the most exciting system I have ever seen for getting new business partners started off right and on their way to success.”

“After such impactful and meaningful experiences, we create lifetime DreamTrippers that can’t help but share the magic of what DTI is all about. They truly become a product of the product in the most fun and epic way!”

she says.

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