Javier Alejandro Puts Army Special Ops Experience To Work For People’s Dreams

Javier Alejandro served the U.S. honorably for 20 years in special operations for the Army. That included more than 25 deployments and five years spent in Afghanistan during combat.

While he traveled worldwide and trained other countries’ most elite military units, he missed much of his own kids’ growth and special occasions—first steps, birthdays, Christmases, and much more.

His job—what he calls “leadership under fire”—was to educate, equip and train entire countries’ military to the point where they could be effective. When a new person joins the military, the first thing they get is training and Alejandro draws a straight line from the military experience and training philosophy—a willingness to train, teach and learn—to his career with DreamTrips International.

“Although a person may not physically be pursued by an ‘enemy’ to take their life, we should look at it from a perspective that a person’s life and dreams are indeed at stake here and should be given the same attention to detail and respect,”

Alejandro says.

“Many people join the direct sales industry only for fun, and that’s great because it is lots of fun. But a select few join to change their generations, and for those people I am always ready to hit the ground running as fast as they are willing to go.”

Using an incredibly well thought-out system that allows a new travel family member to experience a DreamTrip firsthand—immediately or soon after joining, Alejandro helps people build businesses with the DreamTrips’ Discover System. It really feeds into the growth of the company.

From a personal perspective, DreamTrips International has helped Alejandro buy back some of the time he lost while in service to the country. The memories he’s creating are precious, and he encourages other veterans to partake of the benefits that such a career offers.

“Military, first responders, people who lay their lives on the line, let DreamTrips traveling be a part of your peace and healing from all that we go through and our invisible scars. It did it for me, and it can work for you too,”

he says.

“Finally, after missing so much of my kids’ lives, I could travel with them and see how happy they were and their smiles. I created memories of spending time with them poolside, beachside, playing volleyball, and riding on a boat in the Pacific Ocean,”

he says of their first DreamTrip to Cabo San Lucas.

Whether it’s a vacation in Puerto Rico, Iceland, New York, Miami or Vegas, Alejandro says, some of the trip’s details may escape the memory over time but the feeling of being there and the gratitude for the experience remains.

“The overarching memory that stands out is the level of professionalism in which the trip was designed and the VIP treatment from the host and the people. The people who are part of DreamTrips are from all walks of life, countries, and social status.

When you become a member, you form part of a worldwide family, a community of travelers and like-minded people who are amazing humans…the leadership behind this platform, which makes all these trips happen, orchestrating the unification of many people from many nations and promoting world unity are the true heroes,”

Alejandro says.

“All these memories are what keep me going. I am a grateful man, because in my line of duty in the military, most men don’t make it to retirement, much less get to travel with their families.

So, I thank God for the gift of life and DreamTrips International for providing a way I could enjoy my family to the fullest,”

he says.

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