Top Leader Keith M. Brown Joins DreamTrips International

Keith M. Brown  says he’s just an average guy—who has been able to do some not-so-average things like take his grandfather to Italy.

“For as long as I can remember, my grandfather always wanted to go to Rome,” Brown says. But taking in the Coliseum isn’t exactly in the budget on a bus driver’s salary.

Brown made his grandfather’s dream come true after he joined DreamTrips International. “We had such an amazing time. The food was great. The tours were awesome he remembers.

In the decade that’s passed since they spent five days and four nights engrossed in all things Roman, Brown has jetted off to more than 18 international destinations. And he’s still dreaming about seeing the cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

“What makes DreamTrips so unique is the value of each trip,” Brown says.

This summer, he’s spending five days and four nights in Dubai and his travel itinerary bursts with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. What awaits him?

  • The cities of Sharjah and Dubai, including both day and night tours
  • A desert safari
  • A showboat cruise at Dubai Marina
  • A visit to Atlantis Aquaventure park
  • English-speaking tour guides
  • Round-trip airport transfers
  • A local host who ensures a tremendous experience from landing to lift-off.
  • As well as numerous meals.

“A trip like this would normally cost over 2K, but because of DreamTrips International I didn’t pay nearly that amount! I have been on a bunch of trips like this, and the experience is like nothing I’ve ever known…The world needs to know about this company, and I plan on showing the world,” Brown says.

Of all the benefits associated with DreamTrips, it’s the intangible ability of travel to physically bring family and friends together that Brown loves most.

“A DreamTrip allows people to gather and congregate somewhere other than your everyday surroundings. This membership also allows us to build new friendships with people all around the world, to bond with people and create new friendships with people we would have never met had it not been for DreamTrips.

Because of this membership, I have friends in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and right here in North America,”

Brown says.

But how can an average guy like Keith get people excited about doing something as seemingly extravagant as traveling the world? That’s where Discover DreamTrips come in.

“When a new prospect picks the Discover or Discover Elite enrollment pack, not only are they getting the opportunity to share our amazing membership and earn income; but they also have the chance to pick one out of many amazing Discover DreamTrips,” 

Travel once on a Discover DreamTrip and they are hooked. Discover DreamTrips, Brown believes, is the best way to create excitement as a business builder and retain customers over the long run.

“I joined DreamTrips International because I saw a way for an average guy like myself, earning an average income to have the opportunity to travel to some amazing locations around the world. The more rewarding part was being able to share my blessing with others, so that they too can be blessed with the gift of travel,”

he says.

About DreamTrips International

DreamTrips International, LLC is a privately held company based in Frisco, Texas. DreamTrips International is the #1 direct seller of global travel and lifestyle club memberships. More than 1.3 million travelers have experienced the one-of-a-kind, specially curated experiences known as DreamTrips.

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