Network Marketing Professional Tonya Joseph Joins DreamTrips International

DreamTrips International Business (DTI) Builder Tonya Joseph Leverages Discover DreamTrips To Succeed

Tonya Joseph is brand new to DreamTrips International, but to say she’s a novice couldn’t be further from the truth. Tonya has traveled the world, eager to see new places and meet new people.

She brings to her new DTI business years of previous direct selling experience, as well as a unique skill set that combines five years of classroom teaching and the talents necessary for a successful career as a real estate broker.

No matter what Tonya sets out to accomplish, she sets herself and others up for success by first preparing the foundation by learning and applying the best practices necessary to get there. As a teacher that meant earning a master’s degree in educational policy and administration on behalf of her kids.

As the owner of a successful real estate company, she not only educated fellow agents, but also future property owners who were looking for their dream homes.

These skill sets and her ability to adopt appropriate systems led her to a secondary career in direct selling, where she parlayed her love for travel into joyful excursions that also generated substantial income.

Tonya Joseph at the Maldives

“I saw how I could truly make travel a business. I used the same skills of being a real estate broker. That activity allowed me to leverage agent skills, time and talents.

It’s the same in MLM—recruiting people and providing them with the training, support and systems to be successful in selling the product. I became a top leader, earning six figures residually and annually, all while still owning my real estate business,”

Tonya says.

Yet today she’s amazed at the number of people who push travel clubs and try to build businesses without actually traveling. In her way of thinking, that’s a mistake. Traveling lays the groundwork that must come first, so when Tonya saw DTI’s product offerings of curated trips, she was sold.

“I saw a win-win situation here with DreamTrips. I saw a way for me to be able to take more trips without the stress or worry of putting it together.

I always take the lead to put together experiences for my friends, which means I was the one putting in the work. DreamTrips just makes everything so simple. Now I can spend less time planning and more time traveling.”

And DTI has made that kind of experience—both for members and representatives—part of their business building system which focuses on systems and simplicity.

“There’s no better attraction marketing system than letting people see you have fun on social media while traveling.

My advice would be to follow our system that’s backed by data and analytics—take a Discover DreamTrip, take a friend and post your experience—then repeat. The recruiting app also makes it simple and fun by gamifying what most people hate doing… prospecting,”

Tonya says.

Plus, with a fun, sexy, stellar product like travel, Tonya says everyone wants a piece of the action.

“The product offers an intangible that’s priceless—the opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime!”

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