DUOLIFE – New Quality In The New Decade

The history of DUOLIFE is the history of 10 spectacular years on the MLM market. The last decade for DUOLIFE was marked by continuous development and great successes based on the idea of a man in the spotlight and the company’s key values: Trust, Honesty and Respect.

However, DUOLIFE faces new years of new challenges. At the beginning of the new decade, the company decided to rebrand. It is to emphasize the international character and a new chapter in the history of the organization.

From Poland to the world – 10 years of DUOLIFE

When DUOLIFE started its operations in 2013, the founders of the organization were guided by the idea of expanding their operations outside Poland and entering foreign markets. Consistency in action and business conducted with each other, not on each other (this assumption has guided the company’s co-founders from the very beginning of cooperation) resulted in the fact that DUOLIFE operates globally.

Today, in 2023, the organization is present in dozens of countries around the world, and DUOLIFE supplements and cosmetics support the well-being of millions of people.

With the appearance of DUOLIFE on the global market, the whole world could also learn about the idea of softmarketing®. This model was created as a combination of the best practices known from classic business, corporate business, franchise and multi-level marketing, which I wrote about earlier.

Currently, more than 260,000 international distributors conduct economic activity within softmarketing®.

After developing its operations in Europe, DUOLIFE does not intend to stop and plans to visit other countries on other continents. Therefore, the company decided to rebrand.

Rebranding for a new decade

New visual communication is needed to strengthen DUOLIFE’s position on global markets. The new logo is to emphasize the size, character and dynamics of the organization. It is also a symbol of entering a new decade that will be full of new challenges, opportunities and possibilities.

The new DUOLIFE logo consists of two basic elements – the logotype and the signet. At the same time, the company wants the logo and other distinguishing features to be legible, user-friendly, distinctive and recognizable in every country. So what is the philosophy behind the new sign?

The symbol of fire – this is the symbolism of warmth and security. It refers to the current DUOLIFE logo – it is also easy to remember.

3 pillars – three sections that make up the whole signet as inseparable elements of the brand’s philosophy – business, health and development.

  • Dynamics – the force, energy, and speed with which opportunities, processes, and events develop.
  • The symbol of the wing – refers to unlimited freedom, as well as the imagination of crossing borders and making dreams come true.
  • Balance – a symbol of maintaining balance between various aspects of life: taking care of yourself, taking care of your health, devoting time to your family, time for development or caring for relationships.

Leaf/Drop – presents naturalness and high-quality ingredients, which the brand strongly emphasizes in its products. The colors of the new logo are subdued and define DUOLIFE as a credible and prestigious brand. The typography has also been simplified, thanks to which the brand will be even easier to recognize.

After a decade of activity, DUOLIFE is already an international and globally associated brand. Rebranding will allow the company to share its mission and values in other countries, while instilling the DUOLIFE DNA.


DUOLIFE is a joint-stock company founded in Poland in 2013, operating globally on 52 markets and territories, based on the proprietary softmarketing® business model. DUOLIFE Club members operate all over the world, and the company’s products are shipped not only to European, but also Asian, North and South American countries.

The company owns two factories, where under the watchful eye of the Research and Development Department and the Scientific Council, new products lines are being created. One of them produces supplements in liquid and capsule form, the other works on cosmetics. The uniqueness of DUOLIFE products is based on the ingredients of the highest quality. The performance of many of them has been confirmed by numerous clinical trials. The DUOLIFE product portfolio contains over 70 products.

Currently, the company is getting ready to enter the Stock Exchange, and in its development plans for 2020-2025, it foresees the opening of new markets and its turnover increase in Europe, Asia and North America. For more information please visit www.myduolife.com

Get more information, facts and figures about DUOLIFE, click here for the DUOLIFE overview.

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