Entrepreneurship, Travel Combination Powers DTI Business Building

People are drawn to the idea of exploring the world. Traveling, Hadiatu Dumbuya says, is an intrinsic motivator that leads to higher engagement, enthusiasm and dedication, especially when it involves building a successful DreamTrips International business.

“It sets the foundation for a successful and authentic travel network marketing business,”

she says.

As an emerald ranked DTI affiliate, Hadiatu embraces the idea that her adventuring with DreamTrips plays an active role in how successful her business becomes. Sharing her personal experiences from exotic locales all over the world has solidified many heart-felt connections and helped build credibility with her ever-expanding community of like-minded travelers.

“Traveling provides so many network marketing opportunities that can be leveraged to build and expand our businesses.

We can meet new people and engage in conversations…by combining business with pleasure we can position ourselves as experts in the travel industry.

And when we share our travel experiences and knowledge, it enhances the credibility and authority within our network,”

Hadiatu says.

There’s an opportunity for every DTI traveler to tell their highly visual story online with photos, videos and authentically written posts. These allow others access to the dream of traveling and the ability to connect emotionally to DreamTrips destinations and the people that can get them there. 

“We can tap into the emotions and desires of potential customers and recruits. This emotional connection can make the business more appealing and create a stronger bond between us and our audience,”

Hadiatu says.

Travel also brings the opportunity to engage with people from diverse backgrounds and learn from one another. This is an empowering aspect of both vacationing and DTI business building.

“Understanding that everyone comes from a different up-bringing is imperative to grow a thriving business. Being relatable and motivational at the same time is a must.

No one wants to feel as though you are trying to make them conform to your way. They would much rather develop into the best version of themselves with your help,”

Hadiatu says.

And sometimes that comes in the form of immersing themselves in new experiences and cultures, which effectively opens doors to understanding. Hadiatu remembers traveling to China and immersing herself in a “collectivist culture” while eating as a group together at a round, rotating table.

While some diners found it “weird,” she accepted it as simply different from her norm. That willingness to adapt, she says, consistently generates goodwill and respect.

Hadiatu confesses she’s a serial entrepreneur and with that comes many challenges, including a natural workaholic vibe. At times in her career, she’s felt overworked and underpaid, something that so many network marketers can relate to.

But, she says,

“DreamTrips has forced me to travel more because travel fuels my business. Imagine if all entrepreneurs had access to a membership like this that promotes seeing the world, being empowered while inspiring others to live their best lives?

Adding this membership and business opportunity to the mix would only enhance any other business endeavor from the networking alone.”

“Every time I come home from a DreamTrip, I’m refreshed, renewed and reinspired to not only book my next trip, but also help other entrepreneurs see what the DreamTrips life is like,”

Hadiatu says.

Hadiatu Dumbuya’s Business-Building Best Practices:

  • Travel…Authentic, first-person experiences showcase the value of DTI products to everyone you meet.
  • Host Travel Events…Offer up the benefits of adventuring with DreamTrips and how the opportunity impacts your life.
  • Leverage Your Social Media…Consistently share photos and videos and tell short stories capturing the fun of your DreamTrips to build your personal brand and attract potential customers and recruits.
  • Remember to Mentor Others…Team training is vital, so deliver product knowledge, marketing techniques, social media strategies and customer relationship management details necessary to successful business building.

About DreamTrips International:

DreamTrips International, LLC is a privately held company based in Frisco, Texas. DreamTrips International is the #1 direct seller of global travel and lifestyle club memberships. More than 1.3 million travelers have experienced the one-of-a-kind, specially curated experiences known as DreamTrips.

Get more information, facts and figures about DreamTrips International, click here for the DreamTrips International overview.

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