10 years Of DUOLIFE – Birthday In Cosmic Style

On 16-17.09.2023, during the Today for Tomorrow | International Convention DUOLIFE celebrated its 10th anniversary. The company took Club Members on an extraordinary, cosmic journey, where the horizons of business and personal development jumped into superluminal speed and expanded to infinity.

DUOLIFE’s birthday was celebrated by as many as 4,000 participants.

 The result of year-long preparations

Preparations for this unusual journey lasted all year long. The DUOLIFE team tried to make this anniversary event like an expedition to another galaxy. In addition to cosmic decorations and illuminations that made participants feel as if they were in another cosmic dimension, the Today for Tomorrow | The International Convention has become a platform where the future meets the past and the present.

Not only the decorations were like from another planet! Panelists and speakers, who were experts in the field of business and personal development, shared vision and knowledge that was like a compass in stellar navigation towards the future.

Among the stars and planets that decorated the interior of PreZero Arena Gliwice (the largest sports and entertainment venue in Poland), there was time to reflect on the company’s achievements. Club Members celebrated common successes, showing great passion, which is the constant fuel of this dynamically developing brand. The anniversary gathered as many as 4,000 participants from all over the world.

All this allows DUOLIFE to look with optimism and high hopes for the future.

Best of the Best session at Today for Tomorrow | International Convention 16-17.09.2023 – DUOLIFE Club Members on the stage

An extraordinary journey and a solid portion of knowledge

 The anniversary TFT was marked by speeches by the Co-founders of DUOLIFE S.A. and others:

  • Bartosz Królikowski, President of the Board of DUOLIFE S.A.
  • Łukasz Godyń, Vice-President of the Board of DUOLIFE S.A.
  • Norbert Janeczek, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DUOLIFE S.A.
  • Piotr Pacyga, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DUOLIFE S.A.
  • Dr. h.c. Piotr Kardasz – Chairman of the Scientific Council of DUOLIFE S.A.;
  • DPharm Justyna Godyń – expert and Director of the Research and Development Department of DUOLIFE S.A.;
  • Beata Kapcewicz – international trainer, speaker and mentor of bold brands;
  • Joanna K. Gdaniec – trainer and creator of IMPROsales, softmarketing® expert
  • Swanna Xerri – business trainer, motivational speaker, leadership and performance expert;
  • Tomasz Zabawa – President of the DUOLIFE Club;
  • Norbert Warzyszyński – Vice-President of the DUOLIFE Club;
  • and other DUOLIFE Club Leaders.
From the left: Dr h.c. Piotr Kardasz, Norbert Janeczek, Bartosz Królikowski, Piotr Pacyga, Łukasz Godyń

While celebrating and summarizing the past decade, the DUOLIFE co-founders also made plans and visions for the next 10 years. From the stage of the Gliwice arena, Club Members learned what new worlds DUOLIFE will discover and what new products it will introduce to the market.

At PreZero Arena Gliwice, DUOLIFE came to the future, where not only innovations, visions and plans, but also the community met. It is the heart and soul of DUOLIFE. Together we celebrated not only history, but also what will come. It was a celebration full of optimism and joy for the next years of our journey together.

The Leaders of the DUOLIFE Club spoke from the event stage, sharing their inspiring stories and practical knowledge with club members. Thanks to this, TFT participants had the opportunity to gain a huge dose of motivation to continue working and develop their structures within the DUOLIFE Club.

DUOLIFE Club Members picked up their new cars from DUOLIFE during the Today for Tomorrow event

The partial results of the “Fly with us into space” competition were also announced on the event stage. The game is organized by DUOLIFE and lasts from 16.05 to 15.11.2023. The winners will receive a prize in the form of a trip to the John F. Kennedy Space Center which is part of the NASA spaceport in Orlando. In addition, the winners will also visit Disneyland, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Sea Life Orlando Aquarium.

The first day of the event ended with a grand birthday party. There was also a 500 kg cake in the shape of a globe and a DJ who set the rhythm for the whole party!

10 products to mark the 10th anniversary

One of the most important points of TFT was the premiere of the new line of dietary supplements PURE FORMULA, which includes:

  • DUOLIFE D3 in Nigella Oil;
  • DUOLIFE Ashwagandha;
  • DUOLIFE Ginseng;
  • DUOLIFE Melatonin;
  • DUOLIFE Spirulina;
  • DUOLIFE Schisandra Berry;
  • DUOLIFE Berberine;
  • DUOLIFE Kudzu;
  • DUOLIFE Maca;
  • DUOLIFE Astaxanthin.

Thus, DUOLIFE symbolically celebrated 10 years of its activity. Each of the new products is the quintessence of the knowledge and experience of the Research and Development Department and the Scientific Council of DUOLIFE, distilling 10 years of work and passion for unique formulas.

The new products that were revealed for the first time during this unique event are not only supplements, but also an expression of gratitude to the community whose health is a priority for DUOLIFE.

Dpharm Justyna Godyń with the speech about DUOLIFE PURE FORMULA

Another decade and plans for the future

The past TFT was an extraordinary two days full of emotions, learning and shared joy. DUOLIFE beautifully thanked its community for 10 years of building the company and the structures of the DUOLIFE Club.

The company looks to the future with pride, knowing that it is supported by people full of passion, determination and endless enthusiasm. Opening a new chapter, with new products and an undying fire of innovation, DUOLIFE is certain that the next decade will be even more spectacular.

Today for Tomorrow | International Convention 16-17.09.2023

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