10 years of DUOLIFE – DUOLIFE Team Trip Turkey 2023

On October 19-22, 2023, DUOLIFE employees had a unique opportunity to participate in a unique trip to Turkey. It was not only a time for relaxation and entertainment, but above all an opportunity to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary.

Accommodated in the luxurious five-star Bosphorus Sorgun Hotel, the DUOLIFE band members set off on a journey that will remain in their memories forever.

The long-awaited adventure

They had been waiting for this moment for almost half a year – over 130 DUOLIFE employees, full of excitement and joy, set off on an unforgettable journey to Turkey. It was a unique trip full of relaxation and rest, but also inspiration, entertainment and integration.

Bosphorus Sorgun Hotel is a true oasis of luxury with the picturesque landscapes of the Turkish Riviera in the background, located almost on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The stunning view of the blue waves made the participants feel like they were in paradise. Comfortable rooms with a sea view, exquisite cuisine and top-class service made the stay at the hotel a real pleasure.

Turkey welcomed the DUOLIFE team with beautiful, sunny weather and a very hospitable climate. After leaving the airport, the DUOLIFE TEAM took four buses to the hotel. There, the participants of the trip spent 3 days in the all-inclusive format.

The Turkish adventure was an opportunity for real rest and integration. People who usually only see each other virtually had the opportunity to see each other in person and get to know each other even better. This certainly strengthened bonds and cemented relationships in the team.

It was also a time of many inspiring trainings and development of competences. 

Gala celebrating the 10th anniversary of DUOLIFE and substantive lectures

The main event of the trip was, of course, the celebration of the 10th anniversary of DUOLIFE. The gala, which took place in the elegant surroundings of the Bosphorus Sorgun Hotel, was a moment filled with emotions and many warm gestures.

The ceremony was a kind of thanks to those who work every day not only for the development of the company, but also the DUOLIFE Community. The employees are the foundation and mainstay of DUOLIFE and part of a well-oiled mechanism – this message was echoed many times during the gala.

During the gala dinner, the co-founders of DUOLIFE, proud of the company’s achievements, shared their visions for the future, emphasizing the role of the DUOLIFE team in this success. There was also an award ceremony for the most outstanding employees. The atmosphere full of positive energy made everyone feel like part of the large DUOLIFE family.

Employees could therefore feel appreciated. Their role in the functioning of the entire organization was duly emphasized. This was expressed by symbolic medals on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of DUOLIFE. The co-founders personally handed them to each employee.

The gala ended with a dance party.

Laurates of the gala celebrating the 10th anniversary of DUOLIFE held for the company’s employees in Turkey

During the trip, there were also substantive lectures and presentations on teamwork and personal development.

The special guests of the trip to Turkey were Dr. h.c. Piotr Kardasz, chairman of the Scientific Council of DUOLIFE S.A. and Beata Kapcewicz, expert in personal development and business.

They shared their knowledge and experience, inspiring participants to achieve even greater successes. The topics of the lectures included time management, building relationships in a team and developing interpersonal skills. These are valuable lessons that can be used in both your professional and personal life.

Team integration was also deepened by a field game, where participants had to demonstrate their cleverness, knowledge of the company’s products and flexibility.

DUOLIFE Co-founders (from the left: Piotr Pacyga, Norbert Janeczek, Bartosz Królikowski, Łukasz Godyń) with dr h.c. Piotr Kardasz and Beata Kapcewicz

Free time: relaxation, sports and sightseeing

Although the trip was filled with lectures and training, there was plenty of time for relaxation and entertainment. DUOLIFE employees had the opportunity to use numerous hotel attractions, such as swimming pools and the fitness center. For sports enthusiasts, it was an excellent opportunity for active recreation – including swimming, volleyball and table tennis.

Bosphorus Sorgun Hotel also offered a rich entertainment program in the evenings, which consisted of live concerts and artistic performances. Guests had the opportunity to spend time listening to music and admiring sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey is a country rich in history and culture, so the trip participants also had the opportunity to visit the picturesque city of Side. Historic streets, ancient ruins and the charm of the seaside promenade delighted everyone who decided to explore this fascinating part of Turkey. The trip was an excellent opportunity to learn about local traditions and visit a local bazaar.

An unforgettable trip

The trip of DUOLIFE employees to Turkey was not only an opportunity to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary, but also an unforgettable experience full of inspiration, learning and relaxation. The gala, lectures, free time and sightseeing made this trip stay in the hearts of all participants for a long time. This is proof that DUOLIFE is a company that cares about its employees and inspires them to achieve even greater success. Turkey turned out to be a perfect place where work and pleasure were combined, creating unforgettable moments.

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