Direct Sellling Companies Complaints Poll – February 2015

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Unfortunately we receive regular complaints about Direct Selling Companies with requests to publish the complaints on this website.

I did not get paid, I paid for products which were never delivered, My company delayed payments, blaming the payment processor etc. It would be very time consuming for us to publish all, as it requires in-depth research.

Sometimes it are isolated cases, sometimes it are signs for a possible bankruptcy or, closing down operations such as recently Wake Up Now, Gano Life, Bellamora, Jamie At Home, The Freedom Fighters Network, Votre Vu, Lyfestart, and Lia Sophia.

As we report the good, the bad and the ugly news, a complaint poll is an honest way to inform the industry about a company 's reputation and credibility. If a company does not pay out commissions, does not deliver, is terminating without cause distributors, this is the place to be and It is an alert for management to improve their operations. Consider this poll as an early warning system for Direct Selling professionals.

This is NOT a poll you want to end up high as a Direct Selling company. Why a poll? Because we have a great software system in place:

You can vote only 1 time per poll. We can keep trolls and haters and bogus complaints out as we only accept a vote if a Facebook comment is placed and a real Facebook account is used. Therefore we log the IP and Facebook link from a voter. See this article:

If you spam, we will ban.

The Top 4 company complaints in real time:

How to fill a complaint / vote:

1. Select the company in the drop down box.

2. Push the vote button

3. Leave a facebook comment (Scroll down)

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