The Richest Network Marketing Professionals In 2023

Please note that the network marketing industry is dynamic, and rankings and earnings can change rapidly. For the most up-to-date information on the richest network marketing professionals, we recommend checking the latest reports and publications in the industry.

    1. Dexter Yager (Family) passed away in 2019. He was a prominent figure in the Amway network marketing organization. He and his wife, Birdie Yager, built a massive network and were considered one of the most successful distributors in the industry. Estimated career earnings $ 400 – $500+ million.
    2. Igor Alberts: Igor Alberts is for 30+ years a prominent figure in the network marketing industry. He, along with his ex-wife and business partner, Andreea Cimbala, are known for their success in building very large network marketing organizations. Estimated career earnings $ 180 – $200 million.
    3. Nancy and Jim Dornan: Nancy is known for her leadership and training abilities, and she has played a pivotal role in supporting and mentoring thousands of distributors in their journey to success within the Amway business. She has been recognized for her contributions and achievements in the network marketing field. Estimated career earnings $ 125 – $150 million.
    4. Jeff Roberti: Jeff Roberti’s success story in the network marketing industry is quite remarkable. He has built a massive organization and achieved significant financial success through his efforts as a distributor and leader within Juice Plus. His dedication to personal growth, leadership development, and team building has made him a respected figure in the network marketing community. Estimated career earnings $ 100 – $120 million.
    5. Rolf Kipp: Rolf Kipp is a German entrepreneur and network marketing professional. He is best known for his involvement in the network marketing company Forever Living Products. Rolf Kipp has achieved considerable success in the network marketing industry and has built a large and successful network of distributors within Forever Living Products. He is known for his leadership skills and has been instrumental in the expansion of the company’s operations in various markets. Estimated career earnings $ 100 – $120 million.
    6. Ray Robbins (Family) as Mannatech’s top income earner and one of the highest earning independent distributors in the direct selling industry, Ray Robbins has not only committed himself to being successful in network marketing, but believes it has enabled him to commit more time and attention to his family. Estimated career earnings $ 75 – $100 million.
    7. Barry Chi and Holy Chen:  The Chi’s are the second Amway Double Crown Ambassadors in the world. Their elder son Liu Te Pei started his business in 1991. He went Diamond in 2000 and EDC in 2004 and Double Diamond 2008. As of 2011, he qualified Diamond in the United States. He is also an Elite Sales Director (equivalent of a Crown Ambassador) in China. Estimated career earnings $75+million.
    8.  Holton Buggs: Nowadays a succesful corporate entrepreneur, Buggs is best known for his association with the network marketing company Organo Gold. Holton Buggs has a remarkable success story in the network marketing industry. He joined Organo Gold in its early days and quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the company’s top distributors and leaders. He played a significant role in the growth and expansion of Organo Gold’s global presence. Estimated career earnings $68+ Million.
    9. Tim Foley: Tim Foley has been an Amway independent distributor since 1981. He has experienced massive success and has turned out to be one of the most respected leaders in arguably one of the oldest relationship marketing company in the globe. Estimated career earnings $65+million.
    10. Ed Bestoso : One of Melaluca’s top earners, Melaleuca is a well-known multi-level marketing company that offers a wide range of products, including nutritional supplements, personal care items, and household cleaning solutions. The company operates through a network of independent marketing executives who promote and sell Melaleuca’s products. Estimated career earnings $60+million.

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