DUOLIFE Managers Club Training Trip 2023 Leads To Egypt For 500 Participants

The combination of the mystery of ancient Egypt and the modern vision of business promoted by DUOLIFE resulted in an unforgettable experience for 500 participants of the unique DUOLIFE Managers Club Training Trip 2023.

Club members were accommodated in The V Luxury Resort which surrounded them with comfort and luxury, thus making it the perfect background for a unique mix of learning, inspiration and relaxation.

Luxurious and substantive

For several days, the exclusive The V Luxury Resort in Hurghada, Egypt, became an arena for exchanging experiences, gaining knowledge and establishing valuable relationships. Despite the idyllic conditions in the resort, the participants did not forget about the main goal of their trip, which was to expand their business and personal horizons.

Club members from all over Europe arrived in Egypt on eight planes chartered for the occasion.

The training was conducted by experts in the field of business and personal development and touched on various aspects of leadership, brand building and effective communication. DUOLIFE, despite its main activity focused on health, is not afraid to look beyond the horizon. This was the view presented by experts and speakers during the trip. Additionally, in Egypt, the participants also took part in conferences organized by the INNUBIO brand and the World Healthy Living Foundation.

Participants of the DUOLIFE Managers Club Training Trip 2023 in Egypt

During the DUOLIFE MANAGERS CLUB Training Trip 2023, among others, the conferences were attended by the following experts:

  • Bartosz Królikowski, President of the Board of DUOLIFE S.A.
  • Łukasz Godyń, Vice-president of the Board of DUOLIFE S.A.
  • Norbert Janeczek, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DUOLIFE S.A.
  • dr h.c. Piotr Kardasz, Chairman of the Scientific Council of DUOLIFE S.A.
  • Sebastian Antkowiak, Global Business Development Director of DUOLIFE S.A.
  • Joanna K. Gdaniec, international trainer and author of IMPROsales, softmarketing® expert;
  • Swan Xerri, international expert in leadership and performance;
  • MSc Eng. Adrianna Kruz, biotechnologist specializing in technical microbiology, expert of the INNUBIO brand;
  • MSc Karolina Kołodziej, practitioner of healthy nutrition, expert of the World Healthy Living Foundation.
Opening conference with DUOLIFE experts – Bartosz Królikowski, Łukasz Godyń, Norbert Janeczek, dr h.c. Piotr Kardasz and Sebastian Antkowiak

In addition, there were also individual meetings with leaders of foreign markets of the DUOLIFE Club and many other lectures.

During this week, participants immersed themselves not only in the crystal clear water of the Red Sea, but also in an ocean of knowledge that will undoubtedly benefit them in the future, enabling them to further develop their potential and business.

DUOLIFE Club Leaders at one of the conferences held in Egypt by the company

TOP LEADERS NIGHT – the highlight of the trip

During the DUOLIFE MANAGERS CLUB Training Trip 2023, the TOP LEADERS NIGHT gala was also held, which was the highlight of the entire event. It was the first time it took place outside Poland, which only made it even more unique.

DUOLIFE Top Leaders invited for the luxury gala DUOLIFE Top Leaders Night

During this unforgettable evening leaders who were awarded have distinguished themselves with special commitment and achievements within the DUOLIFE Club over the past year. Although the gala was filled with glitz and formality, there was also warmth, ease and genuine joy in the air.

This year’s TOP LEADERS NIGHT was kept in the convention and atmosphere of the 1920s and referred to the cult novel “The Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. This extraordinary evening will certainly be remembered by the participants for a long time.

Egyptian treasures of knowledge

Despite being located in a luxurious resort, where palm trees and blue skies encouraged carefreeness, the goal of the DUOLIFE community was clear: acquiring knowledge and skills that will contribute to common success in the future. Of course, there were also moments of relaxation: these moments were filled with the authentic joy of being part of the DUOLIFE Club.

The knowledge that Club members gained during the trip is an investment and a positive value that will certainly pay off in the future. Thanks to this, the structures of the DUOLIFE Club will develop and the leaders will achieve new high positions.

The words heard during lectures and training sessions will echo in the minds of the participants of the DUOLIFE MANAGERS CLUB Training Trip 2023 for a long time. It will also inspire them to take action in the months and years to come.

Meditation session on the beach during the DUOLIFE Managers Club Training Trip 2023 in Egypt

Expectations regarding future trips with DUOLIFE are high, because the organizers always ensure the highest substantive level of the lectures and the quality of service for the trip participants.

The DUOLIFE community awaits more unforgettable journeys and training in the most beautiful places in the world.

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