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ZeekRewards SEC Complaint

ZeekRewards – The SEC Complaint

  IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA CHARLOTTE DIVISION ________________________________________ SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, Plaintiff, vs. REX VENTURE GROUP, LLC d/b/a ZEEKREWARDS.COM, and PAUL R. BURKS, Defendant, ________________________________________ Civil ...
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10 Great Ways To Kill Your Direct Selling Business Fast…

  The fastest way to kill any Direct Selling opportunity… Do nothing, never call prospects, expect money to flow in on "auto pilot", expect your upline to build your business. Have a big EGO. Do not ...
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Bailing out

My Shopping Genie Closed Down

  We have send out a Scam alert about My Shopping Genie in February 2012. It seems the company has bailed out end of May. Offices are closed. A review about My Shopping Genie can be ...
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Barry Cocheu

AmeriSciences Out of Business?

  AmeriSciences is a privately held company, has been in business for over 10 years, and is run by 3 network marketers – Lou Gallardo & Barry Cocheu (Photo) and Steven Redman. A review can be ...
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Donald Trump Fired

The Trump Network Is Dead

Donald Trump Bailed Out… Donald Trump has pulled the plug on his brand, the Trump Network in short order after the recent sale of the company to Antoine Nohwa. The Trump brand has been removed entirely ...
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Sergei Mavrodi

Sergei Mavrodi – Russian Scam Emperor Rides Again

Mavrodi aimed at Europe and USA The Belarusian central bank has ordered a freeze on bank accounts of suspected organizers of the reincarnated MMM financial pyramid, the online news portal reported on Wednesday, quoting banking ...
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MLM Judge

Max International Lawsuit – Counter Claims

Max International Versus Unclebach’s Lawsuit Mike Unclebach, Laura Unclebach, Sheldon Robinson and Enhance International have answered the termination and subsequent lawsuit filed by Max International. Max additionally sued Scott Unclebach and Mitch Edland and these parties ...
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Scam Alert 2012

My Shopping Genie Scam Alert 2012

  This website has received numerous complaints about My Shopping Genie (MSG). In September 2010 we already published and warned for the thin rope My Shopping Genie was on. You find the article here. After Andrew ...
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Li Jinyuan Founder Tiens

Tiens Closing Down USA and Canada MLM Operations

Founded in 1995 by Li Jinyuan, Tianshi Group is a large-scale global enterprise with operations in over 190 countries and regions with a customer base over 10 million.  With an anchor business in advanced biotechnology, Tianshi ...
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Monavie - Amway Business Fight

Monavie Leader In India Beaten Up In A Meeting

Not Good for the MLM industry…. Evidently some top leaders in India left one company to join Mona Vie and distributors from the other company weren't too happy so they showed up at a Mona Vie ...
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Frank Varon and Lori Petrilli

Lori Petrilli And Frank Varon – ViSalus Top Earner Interview

Lori Petrilli and Frank Varon are 5 Star Ambassadors with ViSalus Sciences. They make an estimated $95,000 a month and are highly ranked in the Business For Home Hall Of Fame. ViSalus’ growth exploded in 2010 ...
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Ted Nuyten

How To Protect Your Website Against Anonymous Comments

The website has grown to 100,000+ hits or 65,000+ unique visitors per month from over 150 countries. This is a result of the increased demand for unbiased information about the Direct Selling industry. I noticed ...
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Michael Wiedder Best In U

Best In U Review 2011

Best In U is founded in 2011 by Michael Wiedder. Michael was a pioneer on the Internet having founded Online Expo in 1995. He was at the forefront of the Internet explosion and produced the Online ...
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John van Deurzen My Shopping Genie

Master Distributor John van Deurzen Left My Shopping Genie

John van Deurzen, master distributor,  left My Shopping Genie (MSG) and has send below email around: "Just wanted to let you know that in 5-10 days we will be launching our OWN networking company with a ...
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Jerome Hughes, Evolv Health, YTB

Top Earner Jerome Hughes Joins Evolv Health After Termination

Jerome Hughes, the Networking Hero of the 2011 YTB convention has been terminated by YTB and sign up for Evolv Health. Hughes was partners with Katrina Greenhill and was featured in the YTB official presentation. Jerome ...
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Post image for Andrew & Nancy Burling Fastest Career Ever?

Andrew & Nancy Burling Fastest Career Ever?

Andrew and Nancy Burling left with a big bang My Shopping Genie in June 2011. I covered that story here Andrew Burling and Nancy Burling found a new home in The Limu Company in July 2011 ...
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Nauder and Melissa Khazan

Stiforp Review 2011

Stiforp is founded in 2011 by Naudar Khazan, who owns MLM company AliveMax. AliveMax retails nutrition mists and skincare products and operate with a binary compensation plan. As of 15 September 2011 approx. 184,000 people sign ...
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Hall of fame Internet Marketer

Hall Of Fame Internet Marketers

The Top of the Internet Direct Selling Marketers. Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, web marketing, online marketing, search marketing, is referred to as the marketing of products or services over the Internet. Marketers who ...
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Post image for Ranking Top Earners

Ranking Top Earners

The Hall of Fame? Click here How does Business For Home rank Top Earners? A question we often get…. We NEVER reveal our sources in individual cases. A fair number of Top Earners send us their ...
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Post image for Unaico – Sitetalk Review 2011

Unaico – Sitetalk Review 2011

Unaico LTD is a company based in Hong Kong and Singapore. Jarle Thorsen and Rune Evensen founded the company in 2009.  Unaico Holding Group Limited is the holding company with 18 subsidiaries at this time. Enigro ...
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