500 New Direct Selling Top Earners – 8,000 Ranks Updated

Dexter Yager


The full Top Earner list can be found here Top 1 – 8000


Today we have released an update on the est. earnings for 8,000 Top Earners in Direct Selling, MLM, Network marketing.

The estimated earnings are based on Internet research, earnings claims from conventions, down-line, up-line, cross-line information, direct selling magazines and through our reporters.

Several top earners and companies share earnings with us through this confidential form.

Some remarkable facts:

The average Top Earner in Direct Selling makes $19,945+ per month or $239,235 per year. Per month the Direct Selling industry pays out $158 million to the listed earners, or $1,9 billion per year.

In the Top 1,000 are reps from 82 Direct Selling Companies. The Nr. 1 is Dexter Yager  (Photo, 73 years)  – Amway with an est. month income of $1 million.

Ranked Nr. 1,000 Baruc Gonzaga Santana – Herbalife with $25,000 per month.

ViSalus the North America weight loss company, has most new listed Top Earners: 52 with combined earnings of $3,7 million and an average income of $72,000 per month.

Organo Gold 32 Top earners in the Top 1000, combined earnings $4,1 million with an average of $129,000 per month

Amway overall the largest number of Top Earners: 174, combined earnings $17,2 million with an average of $99,172 per month.

MonaVie, 73 Top Earners, combined earnings $4,6 million with an average of $63,397.

Ambit Energy 10 Top Earners, combined earnings $1,68 million with an average of $168,000 per month.

Herbalife 107 Top Earners, combined earnings $5,99 million with an average of $56,000 per month.

Talk Fusion 25 Top Earners, combined earnings $ 1,397 million, with an average of $55,800 per month.

To be listed in the Top 100 requires an month income of $123,000 per month, In the Top 500 $51,000 per month.

About 267 Top Earners makes an million per year and are the real Million Dollar earners in the Business For Home defintion.

The full Top Earner list can be found here Top 1 – 8000.

MLM 500 Top Earners

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  1. Nobody says that the TOP earner at Organo Gold have been trained by Mr. Jay Noland who was one of the co-founder!
    He left the company because they had integrity issues! He has now created his own called Serenigy Global and now and we will be soon on that top 100 MLM list. Be ready! We are coming………

  2. Hello, I am Nobody: At least 30 of our existing top earners in OG have been trained by Holton Buggs and only from him. We three brothers are in the team since the beginning, we know OrganGold very well and we also know why some decissions have been taken. We all in MLM should not even think about to argue inside the mlm industrupy. There will always be a new opportunity, but only those who work for values can succeed . MLM produced many millionairs but not all were able to keep the money. We are greatful and full of faith that MLM is the future business.
    Hello to everybody, Aron

    1. Thank you Mr Steinkeller. True professionals focus on what matters and what the Future holds. While rookies wonder what could have been and focus on the negatives. Thank you sir for your extraordinary service to the OG nation.

  3. Organo Gold is one great company, I am.so greatful to know John Sachtouras, Jose Ardon, Luis Ventura, and Francisco Vazquez. And to have heard the Stienkeller’s brother’s story Diamond here We come.

  4. Max I can not say that max trained me because, he had left the company but what I can say is Mr Holton Buggs is one great teacher. Mr Jay Noland is probably a great teacher to We will find out in time by the way your company grows. God Bless you and your business Max

  5. There are 14 top earners in first 100 list from ACN and company has just hit momentum, wait and watch next two years. Company is much younger than AVON, AMWAY …..many others.
    Anybody interested?

  6. Yes, it is important to seo who are working online…But the result speaks for itself.

    DXN is the 28th biggest MLM Company!

    The following contains the ranking for the 2011 DSN Global 100, our annual list of the top revenue-generating direct selling companies in the world. The list will be published in the June issue of Direct Selling News.
    In an effort to support transparency and verify authenticity, we implemented a new standard for our 2011 ranking: the Revenue Certification Form (RFC). In addition to an updated profile, we asked each company to submit an RCF signed by the CEO and CFO or designated agent.

    The Global 100 ranking is based on net revenue before commissions are paid and without any value-added tax. In our research, we identified well over 100 companies that would qualify for the ranking; however, with the new standard in place, we applied a ranking to only those companies that submitted an RCF.

    We believe the new standard allows us to present a clear and accurate picture of the direct selling industry’s top performers. The top companies that publicly reported their numbers and those privately held companies that submitted RCFs are listed below.

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  8. I just love this industry! What an amazing group of professionals that truly represent Unity, Loyalty & Edification…Thank you Organo Gold leadership. Remember: Never sacrifice integrity for growth, there are masses that are still available to the industry.

  9. MLM and Network Marketing is a Community and Family of Learned Professionals who understand that along the way with PAD personal audio developement you become a better person along the way it also helps you grow so we can modify our income and excell in changeling our lifestyle for the next generation the sec wave
    Remember to all – professionals sift and sort and amateurs try to convince and sell u on what they think is the best but the proof will forever be in the print out
    ps. When people shoot blanks remember they are just professional blank shooters 🙂 lol
    Build Dreams
    Don’t Steal Dreams

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