Business For Home Newsletter – September 2010


Business For Home Newsletter – September 2010


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 Momentum ranks 

Momentum is the Magic of MLM. You need a lot of Momentum in your Direct Selling career. Momentum is hard to build, and easy to lose….

Rank Company
1 Evolv  Health
2 Nu Skin
4 Organo Gold
5 Xowii 

Movers and Shakers List

Top Earners, Field leaders, Corporate Leaders or Celebrities who left a Direct Selling Company and join an other opportunity. Check it out!

Movers and shakers list

For an European Consultant check this out:

Ted Nuyten Consultancy

Amway Diamonds List

A list of Amway Diamonds and above you find here: Note: The earnings in the Amway list are not verified..

New or updated Top Earners

Name Company Est. Month
Theo Vandevoort Euphony $145,000
Kenton Worthington Nu Skin $125,000
Gert van Oppen Euphony $50,000
Jean-Philippe Hulin Euphony $40,000
Malcon Hyde Euphony $40,000
Alain Galle Euphony $25,000
Tony Carter Euphony $25,000
Pierre Bataille Euphony $25,000
Thierry Delrez Euphony $20,000
Chris Li GWT $15,500
Peter Goetz Euphony $15,000
Christian Vermeire Euphony $15,000
Jean Luc Danko Euphony $15,000
Philippe Rocur Euphony $15,000
Patrick Vermeesch Euphony $15,000
Lior Skaler GWT $13,000
Florencia Williams GWT $11,000
Cédric Arvent Euphony $10,000
David Righele Euphony $8,000
Raoul Caucheteur Euphony $7,000
Rik Uiterwijk Euphony $7,000
Samuel Delagaye Euphony $7,000

Top Leader Reviews

The Golden Boys & Girls in the Direct Selling Industry!

Paul Adam Green Review

Paula Pritchard Review

Chris and Josephine Gross Review

Geoff Liberman Review

Kevin Thompson Review

Ken Seto Review

Onyx Coale Review

Bart Hungenaert Review

Jean Philippe Hulin Review

Daniel Mueller Review

Top Company Reviews

Great companies in the Direct Selling


Evolv Health Review

Vemma Review

Euphony Review


If you would like to have a review see our webpage.




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Top Opportunities 2010

What are the best companies to work with? Where can you make money -fast- in 2010?

Business For Home made a short list, based on the Top Earner rankings, Leadership, Momentum, Growth, Revenue, Conventions and interviews with MLM VIP's.

Top 20

Ted Nuyten

Best regards from the Netherlands!

Ted W. Nuyten – Founder



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