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Top Opportunities 2012

Top Direct Selling Opportunities 2012

What are the best companies to work with?

Where can you make money fast?

Business For Home made a short list, based on the Top Earner rankings, Leadership, Momentum, Growth, Revenue, Conventions, Alexa Ratings, International Presence, Facebook presence, and Interviews with MLM VIP's.

If your company is not listed and you want to nominate your company, leave a comment below. Please put in facts and figures, not hype.

We like to receive facts such as: Company Revenue, Growth rates, Number of active distributors, open countries, leadership, ect.

Is below list the ultimate truth? No, there are thousands of opportunities in the direct selling world and this is a "living list", however the listed companies do have something special: Growth, Momentum, Products, Leadership and often a global presence.

We encourage you to do your own "Due Diligence".

Top 20 Opportunity

Below list is in "alphabetical order" the number is NOT a ranking



Why are this companies on the short List?


The American Communications Network (ACN) was founded in 1993 and promoted by Donald Trump. The ACN company has some extremely new technology digital phone service and video telephones.  ACN conventions are filled with 20,000+ distributors. A great marketing machine. Both in the USA as in South Europe Momentum is high. Revenue is around $500 million. Open in USA, Europe and Asia. Home of Top Earner George Zalucki.


Amway is one of the largest Direct Selling companies in the world and founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. Based in Ada, Michigan, USA, the company and family of companies under Alticor reported sales growth of 9.5%, reaching $9,200 million for the year ending 31 December 2010. In 2011 $1,700 million growth. Lot of growth in Eastern Europe and Asia. Home of the grandfather of network marketing Dexter Yager.


Tim Sales is MLM guru, expert, and one of the most respected MLM trainers in the Direct Selling Industry. He made a remarkable transition from a MLM Nutrition Company, where he had the pleasure of a passive retired income, to ARIIX where he will be the Master Distributor working in a team with Steve Swartz – Ex USANA Top Earner.

BHIP Global

Founding BHIP Global in 2007, Terry LaCore, as Chief Executive Officer, launched a multi-tiered campaign to build his organization into a major player in the energy drink industry in North America, Central America, Europe, Oceania, and the Asia-Pacific region.

FM Group

The FM Group offers more than 200 fragrances. The business was launched in 2004 in Poland, and has subsequently spread to more than 50 countries. The FM Group opened the US operation in 2008, with headquarters in Chicago. The business has already attracted more than 500,000 members.

Gano Excel

Gano Excel manufactures and distributes a wide range of products ranging from food supplement, beverages, personal care, skin care to household products. Having businesses and market presence over 100 countries worldwide. Strong in the large Asian markets. In the USA, Robert Hollis is Top Earner.

Global Wealth Trade

GWT has an visionary CEO with hands-on Direct Selling experience and great field distributor leadership to expand the opportunity, with over 20 years of experience, creating already 11 millionaires in the process. It is a top 20 opportunity based on vision, product line, compensation plan and leadership integrity. Home of Top Earner Reza Mesgarlou.

Market America

With more than 3 million Preferred Customers and 180,000 Distributors and "UnFranchise" Business Owners worldwide, Market America has generated over $3.8 billion in accumulated retail sales. Revenue 2009 $282 million (+34%). International operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines. Home of Top Earner Elizabeth Weber.

Nu Skin

Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson, and Steve Lund decided to build a company that would combine innovative personal care products with ingredients that subscribed to the philosophy of “all of the good, none of the bad” and a generous business opportunity that would attract high-caliber salespeople. Nu Skin's ageLOC platform and the Galvanic Spa delivers exclusive solutions that target aging at its very source. The company has a 25 Year track record, is operating in 50 Markets and has a Dunn & Bradstreet 5A-1 Rating. For 2011 the company reported annual revenue of $1.74 billion, a 13 percent year-over-year improvement.

Organo Gold

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water. Organo Gold is mixing Coffee with Ganoderma – an ancient Chinese herb. In 2009 $16 million revenue, in 2010 an estimated $60 million revenue up to $160 million in 2011. Home of Top Earners as Holton Buggs, Jose Ardon and John Sachtouras.


In February 2011, Scentsy announced big plans: a 50-acre campus with a 157,000-square-foot office tower, a 159,000-square-foot distribution center, and a 105,000-square-foot warehouse. Scentsy is projected to earn $600 million in 2011, and counts 629 corporate employees and more than 100,000 active Consultants.  Open in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.

Synergy Worldwide

Based on double digit growth, the number of open markets, own production facilities, and awesome MLM leadership we rate Synergy as a top 20 opportunity. Back up by a public company; Nature's Shine Products with a revenue in 2010 of $350 million. 22% growth in 2010.

Tahitian Noni

Tahitian Noni is the "mother" of the super juices. Smell and taste aside, this tropical fruit is one of the most potent antioxidants in the world. Open in numerous countries. Since 1996, Tahitian Noni International has been a part of the booming health market. When Tahitian Noni International began selling the juice no one had ever heard of Noni. Five years later, sales had reached nearly $400 million. Tahitian Noni International has been heralded as a fast growing private company in history and reached two billion dollar in combined revenue. Outstanding product research.

Talk Fusion

Starting in the US in 2007, the Video Email Product offering expanded into over 85+ countries.The Video Email Product has developed into seven products: Video Email, Video Blog, Video Share, Video Auto Responder, E-Subscription Form, Video Conferencing and Fusion Wall a 3-D social and business networking site. Strong growth. Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and the Direct Selling Educational Institute (DSEI). Around $80 million revenue in 2011. Home of Top Earner Minh Ho.


An estimated $180 million in annual revenue, 450,000 distributors, and 30,000 attendees during the world convention. Great momentum in the USA, Germany, and Asia. Unicity has offices in 21 countries all over the world and sells over 130 nutritional and personal care products to millions of customers in more than 30 countries. Home of Top Earner Rick Jordan.


The company has operations in 15 markets worldwide where USANA distribute and sell products by way of direct selling. The net sales in fiscal year 2010 were $518 million, net sales in  2009 $437 million  (18% growth) .Forecast 2011 $577-$581 million . As of January 1, 2011, the company has 228,000 active Associates and 77,000 active Preferred Customers worldwide. Home of Top Earner Rita Hui.


BK Boreyko, CEO, has a strong reputation not only as corporate leader but also as an outstanding field leader. Vemma is a product driven company, with double digit growth and a high customer retention rate. An outstanding web presence, mature field leaders and a great scientific board. A  solid, fast growing company . Est. $97 million Sales Revenue in 2010 and $115 million in 2011. Open in 55 countries around the world. Bod-e the new weight loss formula is a product to watch. Home of Top Earners Tom Alkazin and Ruth Elliott.


Ryan Blair has guided ViSalus to become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and Canada. Sales at ViSalus increased $20.6 million or 157% from $13.1 million in fiscal 2010 to $33.7 million in fiscal 2011 and to $231 million in fiscal 2012. Home of Top earners Jason O'Toole and Kyle Pacetti.


USA based Worldventures has opened recently the European Markets in Germany, the UK and The Netherlands and is growing fast. WorldVentures is a lifestyle company that markets travel-related products, if you like the travel industry then Worldventures might be a good choice. Company Founders, Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue created WorldVentures following their vast experience and unprecedented success in the direct selling industry. Corporate staff has increased from 0 to over 165 employees in 3.5 years. Home of top earner Matt Morris.


The question is always, "How can chocolate possibly be healthy?" Xocai has a good answer and a strong business opportunity around that answer. Xocai's queens are Paula Pritchard & Kathy Robbins, Direct Selling icons, who has been succesful in many opportunities. They have risen to the highest possible position and income levels with a number of network marketing companies, building organizations of over 200,000 distributors, across more than 15 countries, producing hundreds of millions of dollars in business. Interestingly enough, Xocai also boasts a large community of first time mlm’ers who have reached incredible incomes.  Heading up this group of “new comers” is Founding Distributor Adam Green, the company’s nr. 2 money earner this year. Xocai is open in the USA and Europe. Home of the grand lady of network marketing Paula Pritchard.


Sky high Alexa rankings. The Nr. 1 website as of February 2012.  ZeekRewards is a private, invitation-only, affiliate advertising division for Zeekler. In ZeekRewards associates can qualify to earn rewards on every Retail bid they sell and every VIP bid they buy and give away as samples. Zeekler is a new kind of auction site called a “penny auction”. It’s a fun way to bid on all sorts of new products at 90% or more off retail. Each night, after the close of the normal business day, the company takes part of the day's overall business production which can include auction sales, product sales, affiliate renewals, bid sales and other income production from our member companies and divides them among the qualified affiliates.


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