10,000+ Network Marketing Professionals Voted For Their Favourite Leader

10,000+ Network Marketing Professionals Voted For Their Favourite Leader

And counting 🙂

The poll closes 7 November 2019 at 6 pm European Standard Time.

Most likely Dexter Yager (1939 – 2019) has been the Nr. 1 Network Marketing Top leader in the world, generating for Amway billions in sales, with millions of distributors.

We have nominated 250+ Top Leaders – Networkers in cooperation with numerous Direct Selling Professionals.

To keep our polls honest:

  • You can vote 1 time only, through our free app (iOS and Android)
  • You need a facebook account.
  • We log your facebook name.

To prevent “ghost votes” we have implemented a number of undisclosed algorithms. Do not try to vote multiple times, we notice that, your vote will be deleted.

If you want to nominate an awesome Top Leader – Networker, please email our Support Desk.

We list up to 5 top leaders per company.

How to vote:

1. Download / Update our free direct selling app,

click here you need version 7.0!

2. Go to the MENU (upper right corner)

3. Select Poll

4. Log in to your Facebook account

5. Select your Top Leader – company

6. Push the vote button, that’s it ?

The Poll will close 7 November 2019 (6 pm European Standard Time)

The Top 70 Top Leaders of the year 2019 (in real time)

This poll is closed, it is no longer possible to vote

The poll will end 7 November 2019
at 12.00 am (Amsterdam Time)

How to vote: download or update the
FREE App for iOS (Click here)
FREE App for Android (Click here)

In the App, scroll down and click “Poll”
Use the search function or scroll to select the company of your choice and click “Vote Now”

The Top 70:

After 13,322 votes:

Charles Tambou (Longrich) 1,810 votes
John Haremza (Valentus) 134 votes
László Kócsó (DXN) 60 votes
Jed Buenaluz (ByDzyne) 39 votes
Georg Doller (Healy) 22 votes
Shari Brown (Younique) 16 votes
Al Thomas (ACN) 15 votes
Jose Ardon (Melius) 10 votes
Enes Olgun (Jeunesse) 8 votes
Kim Hui (Jeunesse) 7 votes
Susan Sly (Isagenix) 6 votes

Total voters: 13,322

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