Top Immune System Boosting Products Poll 2020

Top Immune System Boosting Products Poll 2020

What are the Top Immune System Boosting Products the Direct Selling industry has to offer customers?

The immune system is your host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease.

To function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of agents, and distinguish them from the organism’s own healthy tissue.

Direct Selling companies do not make health claims, however their products are very often “state of the art” with awesome benefits. (Above image we use is from 2017 and does not relate in any way to the present world situation)

Voting is in real time, to keep our polls honest, you can vote 1 time only, through our app (iOS and Android). To prevent “ghost votes” we have implemented a number of undisclosed algorithms. Do not try to vote multiple times, we notice that, your vote will be deleted, and it gives you as your company a bad name.

You can not comment on this poll as enthusiastic distributors tend to make health claims and we want to protect both companies as distributors from that 🙂

If we have missed a flag ship product, please submit a support ticket.

Please vote for your favourite product for 2020

The poll will end 15 September 2020 at 12.00 am (Central European Time)

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The Top 50 products

This poll is closed, it is no longer possible to vote

The poll will end 14 September 2020
at 12.00 am (Amsterdam Time)

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The Top 50:

After 9,578 votes:

Drops by APL GO 1,984 votes
Nutraburst by TLC 1,697 votes
HemoHim by Atomy 1,647 votes
FOL by Opulence Global 808 votes
Soul By Rain 386 votes
Reserve by Jeunesse 213 votes
QMax by Qsciences 185 votes
Immune Boost by Valentus 109 votes
MOA by ARIIX 105 votes
Vital Plus by Enhanzz 73 votes
DTX Drink by Verway 53 votes
Colostrum by Vestige 53 votes
Galaxy by Juuva 50 votes
Anti-Oxidant by Modere 30 votes
Ambrotose by Mannatech 28 votes
Fortress by New U Life 26 votes
Essentials By Vabo-N 24 votes
Vemma by Bode Pro 24 votes
Pro Transfer by 4Life 23 votes
Immunocal by Immunotec 15 votes
Protect by Zinzino 11 votes
Sunrise by Kyani 11 votes
Go Shield by Amway 11 votes
VitalBiome by Plexus 10 votes
N8 MAX NAT by Pruvit 9 votes
Greens by Isagenix 8 votes
Shri Tulsi by IMC 8 votes
Redox by Asea 8 votes
Immune by LifePharm 7 votes
Cordyceps by Longrich 6 votes
CellSentials by USANA 5 votes
Immunity by Shaklee 4 votes

Total voters: 9,578

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